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Complete shelf level set

sku: GP.0002.0013

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Complete shelf levels set includes 2 beams/traverses of various lengths (depending on your choice), the corresponding plastic shelf block and connections elements (brackets) to attach the shelves to the side upright frames. 

The shelves come into 3 different widths and 8 different lengths to choose from.

Traverses and plastic blocks are specially designed and reinforced to withstand the intended use. The shelves of 60cm width are unique (patented) extra thick to hold weight without breaking or deforming.

 Possible static load:

  • Length 798mm - 200Kg
  • Length 886mm - 170Kg
  • Length 974mm - 160Kg
  • Length 1062mm - 140Kg
  • Length 1152mm - 130Kg
  • Length 1240mm - 120Kg
  • Length 1330mm - 100Kg
  • Length 1505mm - 90Kg

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