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Gas Vapour Grill mod. Artemis-2 ECO L82cm

sku: GP.0005.0025

  • Έκπτωση
  • €860,00
  • Κανονική τιμή €1.230,00

Professional gas grill with water drawer.

The water drawers underneath the burners function as grease collectors, preventing smoke and flames and making sure the meat remains juicy.

Ideal for cooking meat, vegetables, and cheese. 

  • Each burner has a pilot flame and safety thermocouple.
  • The large gas valve allows flame adjustment in various positions.
  • Front and side insulation prevents heat propagation.
  • Stainless steel construction 1mm thick AISI304.
  • Easy service and cleaning.
  • Even cooking throughout the entire surface.
  • Cooking surface: 74x47cm
  • Number of burners: 2
  • Power: 21Kw
  • Dimensions: 82x69x34cm

Designed and manufactured in Greece by:Vrettos

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